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What is Tripzone

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TripZone quick help

With TripZone you can build routes getting information like elevation profile, total elevation, available accomodations. You can save your routes and arrange them in trips.

Build a route

The Routeplanner page allows creating a map of your route using the mouse and a few command buttons.


Draw the map

Click the start point of your route, then the end point. A red line is drawn following roads avoiding highways and toll roads:


You can change the route adding new points (up to 10 points included start-end are allowed), or dragging a point in between to modify the route in order to force a waypoint and follow a different path. Use the (undo) and the (redo) buttons to delete and restore the last point. The elevation (blue) chart is immediately created under the map. Names of start and end points are already written on the chart. Altitude values (meters above sea level) are written on the top of climbs. The transparent red chart shows the slope of climbings corresponding to the elevation profile. The slope % can be read on the right axis of the chart.


Moving the mouse cursor along the elevation profile you get a popup with the elevation of the point and the distance in km from the start of the route. A green circle is shown on the map on the point of the road corresponding to the point on the profile. With this function you can find, for example, where a climb starts on the map. If you move the mouser along the slope chart you get a popup with the slope in that point and the distance, along with the green circle to locate the point on the map. Please note that you must put the mouse arrow on the profile line to get the popup and the mark on the map.


Press the  button to add the names of cities/town/villages you will ride through along the road. Each place is shown with its elevation. The names are saved to be retrieved the next time you will load the route and can be used as search term to find a route by the name of places along the path.


Look for accomodations

Press the  button to create a list of accommodations found along the road. With this function you can find where it is possible to find an hotel and consider the place as eligible for a stop during a long distance trip. The list is shown under the map after a short computing time. If you want to spot hotels in different places (not along the road) click on the to find hotels in a place. Click anywhere on the map and the point will be populated with the hotels found nearby. The list of hotels found is created under the map. Hotels are found within a radius of 3km from the selected point or the route.


Save your route

When you are happy with a route, save it using the save button . A default name is provided using start-end place names. You can change this name if you prefear. To find the list of your routes go to Routes page, or click the list button  in the Routeplanner page.


You can delete a route clicking the delete icon.

If a route belongs to a trip you can navigate back and forth all routes of the trip using the and buttons.

Only registered users can save routes (after login) and have their own list of routes.


Routes can be arranged in trips. Assign a route to a trip in the Routes page by selecting the trip name in the dropdown list shown in the TRIP column. The Trips page lists all your trips. Clicking on a trip name the list of routes in this trip is shown.


The last trips shows no Length because no routes have been yet assigned to it.

Clicking the route name in the Routes page list the selected route is loaded in the Routeplanner.

Print maps and bring on your bicycle

The route planner map can be printed using the browser’s print menu. Select A4, landscape orientation, no margins and you will get on paper the map and the list of hotels for that route (if you have produced it), in two separate sheets. The map has a dashed border to cut with scissors and place in your front bag map holder.


Buttons quick guide

  • Place names on profile follows the road and put on the chart the names of cities/villages found along the route. The names will be saved and can be used as search term to search a route passing by a place.
  • Route mode In route mode you create your route clicking on the map.
  • Drag mode Clicking on the map no action is taken. This may be useful to drag the map on touch screens in order to avoid false clicks touching the screen with fingers.
  • Search hotels in a place click on the map to find accommodations around the point. The list is created under the map.
  • Search hotels along the route creates a printable list of hotel along the route.
  • Search routes or trips Search for routes or trips. Search is done among routes names, trips name and places found using the Place name on profile function.
  • Previous route Loads the next route in the trip.
  • Next route Loads the previous route in the trip.
  • Save the route Save the route for later editing. The default name can be changed.
  • User’s routes list Shows the list of routes created by the logged user.
  • New route Shows a blank map to create a new route. The route currently shown on the map is lost.